adventure That You WILL Never Forget!

 Express, Mona Lisa, Ex Machine Quests: 8250 165 TH AVE NE  Suite 208, Redmond

 Virtual Reality: 16275 NE 85th St Ste. E, 

UNIT F, Redmond

School Of Magic and  Crafted: 14824 NE 95TH ST, Redmond

Information and bookings: 

1 (425) 240-7459‬


complete our new  online puzzle adventure "imaginarium" for free!

call your friends and complete it together online!

powered by BirdEye



60  min.
approx. time to complete the game



for a limited time

Gather your family or call your friends! Our new online experience Imaginarium will challenge your puzzle-solving skills in a new and immersive way. 


Play the part of a team of adventurers & treasure hunters. Receiving a mysterious invitation, begin your journey into the unknown.


Hello teams, friends and customers

As you might already be aware, all entertainment businesses are shutting down in our county. This includes all our projects such as Conundroom Real Escape Rooms, Odyssey Virtual Reality and Pacific Axes.

As much as we want to host your adventure, or to teach you how to throw axes, a quarantine in these times is the correct decision that will play its part in preventing the quick spread of COVID-19. 

If you have made any bookings for future dates, they are still in our system and the adventures and experiences that you have purchased will be available as soon as the quarantine is over. You can also exchange your purchased adventure for a gift certificate you or a close one can use. A bonus for every team that decides to go either of these two routes is a free game at our newest project - a quest room “Alice: The Rabbit Hole.” We have been working on this project for the past few months and we are hoping it will be ready in the next three months. 

We ask you to not cancel your bookings. Ahead for our team and our family are several tough weeks or even months. Every refund makes an impact on us and our future. However, we are not alone in this situation. If you need a refund during these times, send us an email at and we will get those out as soon as we can. 

If you would like to support us, gift certificates for our adventures as well as our new axe throwing venue are available and can be used after the quarantine is over.

Escape Rooms and VR gift certificates:
Pacific Axe Throwing gift certificates:

Thank you,
Conundroom Team

REAL LIFE Adventures

crafted: an educational adventure by conundroom.

60  min.
to mine and to craft!






Do you like to mine and to craft in real life? We crafted an absolutely unique experience especially for you! Take a part in an educational adventure in the workshop of professor Cube. During your adventure, you will learn the basics of game design, collect resources to build your own tools and learn how to work together and use teamwork skills to achieve your goal! 

Suitable for crafters ages 8 and up. Crafters under 10 should be accompanied by an adult.

14824 NE 95TH ST , Redmond, 98052

School of magic. MAKE YOUR WISH COME TRUE!

60  min.

to add your own wish to the Grand Book of Wishes

adult wizards or up to 8 kids wizards




Visit the School of Magic with a team of 2 to 4 adult wizards or up to 8 kids wizards. During your class with in the Head Wizard’s Office, you will learn how magic works, how to think outside the box and work as a team to achieve your goal and add your own wish to the Grand Book of Wishes! 

Suitable for wizards ages 8 and up. Wizards under 10 should be accompanied by an adult.

We have a class room for wizards events! 
Wheelchair accessible

14824 NE 95TH ST , Redmond, 98052

Express. stop the train!

60 min.
to stop the train






You find yourself inside a moving train and you need to stop it in 60 minutes! Take part in our most famous and oldest quest and have fun with any experience level.

Suitable for passangers ages 10 and up. Passangers under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.

8250 165 TH AVE NE  Suite 208, Redmond, 98052

Mona Lisa Heist. Steal the mona lisa!

60  min.
to steal the painting





Take part in the most famous heist of the 20th century! An amazing adventure in the Louvre. Go through the security room, deactivating clever alarms and security systems. Get to the exhibition filled with ancient artifacts and paintings. Finally, steal the main exhibit - The Mona Lisa!

Suitable for thieves ages 10 and up. Theives under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.

8250 165 TH AVE NE  Suite 208, Redmond, 98052

time travel. ex machine. SAVE THE WORLD!

60  min.
to save the world

time travelers





In the near future, scientists have discovered a way to travel in time! They wanted to save the world and fix the biggest mistakes and events in our history. To help them avoid even more disastrous outcomes of their changes, they built The Machine. The most powerful computer with an artificial intelligence, however it all went wrong...

Suitable for time travelers ages 13 and up. 

8250 165 TH AVE NE  Suite 208, Redmond, 98052

virtual reality escape rooms AND arcade:
Odyssey vr

60  min.

Up to 4 players



You have never tried anything like this before. Virtual Reality is the entertainment of the future. With the technology of virtual reality, you will be completely immersed in the game. You will be in another reality! In your 1 hour, we will provide several games and simulations which will show off the full potential of virtual reality or you can play togther and try our escape room adventure in the virtual reality!

Are you looking for an incredible idea for a birthday party event? You found it! Bring your friends, drinks and cake and come to our place!

We have 4 virtual reality headsets. You can bring as many players as you want, and than you can switch off during the games. You can book 2 consecutive games and get 30 minutes for free!  Everybody will get to try virtual reality!

Suitable for players ages 8 and up

16275 NE 85th St Ste. E, UNIT F , Redmond, 98052

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Real Escape Room Quest

One of the most interesting adventures in Redmond for a team of friends or family. 

You will solve many intricate logic puzzles step-by-step and work as a team to reach the main goal in under 60 minutes in a fantastically themed environment. We have created a series of highly detailed and well designed rooms that will definitely make you think outside the box. The most challenging and brain teasing team building adventure you have ever participated in!


real escape rooms in redmond  

always private escape rooms just for your team. 
no strangers!

Since you are inviting your own team, you can play with your best friends and have a blast. Share an experience you won't forget!

Amazing birthday entertainment

It's a lot of fun, especially if you do it on a special day. Your friends won't forget your party. Or you can treat your friend on their birthday.

Perfect team building experience

You have to work together in order to escape the room. Use teamwork and divide your tasks to compete all of our complex puzzles. Up to 30 players in three rooms at the same time! Perfect for the team building event!

  What is A Real Escape quest?

From 2 to 8 players

You can visit Conundroom with your family, friends, coworkers, anyone! You choose your own team!

How do I escape?

You will have 60 minutes to solve many technical and logical puzzles that lead to a final clue, the key to the exit door or a combination to the main objective.

We guarantee you an amazing experience

Every solved puzzle keeps you excited and keeps you moving toward the goal!  At any time you can ask for a hint, we will do our best to provide you with the full experience and move teams along at key points in the game.


Real life quest is a live adventure. You and a team of friends will be in a puzzle room for an hour. There are many secrets, lots of intrigue and tons of puzzles to solve. To complete the goal you must complete several challenges. You can't expect what will happen next! Also we never lock you inside our rooms and the main door will be open all the time! 

Mechanical puzzles

We don't have boring puzzles with mathematical formulas and rebuses, but we have a lot of logical and mechanical puzzles, which make the game very exciting, interesting and unforgettable for all.

Your own team

Even if your team is a bit small

(2 people),  you won't have to play with strangers. You book the room for 60 minutes just for your team! Perfect for dates and couples!

Game atmosphere

We welcome you into the unreal world of captivating adventures. You will be surrounded by our glorious interior design that creates a unique and unforgettable game atmosphere.

are you looking for the perfect team-building event in redmond?you found it!


Players in your team!


Different companies already provide their team building events in Conundroom. You can truly evaluate team dynamics in a fun, unique way!


Minutes for a team

to escape


We can host teams as large as 30 people in our three rooms per hour!

Limited time offer! just $29 per player!











of 3 players


of 4 players


of 5 players


OF 6 players

$29 per player

$29 per player

$29 per player

$29 per player

60 minutes

60 minutes  

60 minutes

60 minutes

Just your team without strangers

Just your team without strangers

Just your team without strangers 

Just your team without strangers 

looking for an amazing gift?


more than 11 000 teams already tried to escape

Frequently Asked Questions:

can i bring a child or baby under 10 years old?

No problem! Kids under 10 can definitely accompany adult teams into the game for free. We can host at most two kids for free in any of our games.

Can I bring more people along even though I already registered?

Absolutely! Although an extra payment of $29 per person would have to be made when the team gets here. 

Is it wheelchair accessible?

"The School Of Magic" and "Odyssey Virtual Reality Arcade" are fully wheelchair accessible. 

Other adventures are located on a second floor of an office building with no elevator..

Is there anything scary inside?

Absolutely not, we are very family friendly, thus our minimal age limit is set to 10.

We have over 10 people in our team, can you accommodate?

Yes we can! We are now have 3 quests that are next to each other. Each quest can have up to 10 people playing at a time. When booking make sure you book three rooms at the same time! 

cancelation policy

Our cancelation policy: we can either refund a purchased game or reschedule the game to another time only if we are notified 24 hours in advance. If we are notified under 24 hours, we can not reschedule or refund a purchased game.

Contact Info

Express, Mona Lisa, Ex Machine Quests: 8250 165 TH AVE NE , Suite 208, Redmond, WA,

Virtual Reality Quest: 16275 NE 85th St Ste. E, UNIT F , Redmond, WA 98052

School Of Magic: 14824 95TH ST NE, Redmond, WA, 98052


Information and Bookings: +1 (425) 240-7459‬


We have free parking spaces!

Players should arrive 10 minutes before the reserved time. If the team is late by 15 minutes, the operator may refuse to launch the game without refund.